Kemono Friends 3

Kemono Friends 3

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Game overview

Join the Japari Park exploration team and battle the unknown enemy Celrians while collecting and befriending animal girls in Kemono Friends 3.

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Get ready for an exciting adventure in the world of Kemono Friends 3! With a completely original story that takes place in the well-known Japari Park, you'll join the expedition team, also known as the "Investigation Squad," and explore a variety of locations. You'll encounter animal girls called "Friends," each with their own distinct personalities, and work together to face the mysterious "Celliens" threatening the park.

To help you in your quest, you can combine your customized "Order Flag" with the abilities of the Friends to unleash powerful techniques such as "Kemo Chorus" or "Kemono Miracle" attacks. Make sure to use each Friend's unique "Attribute," "Special Skill," and "Great Skill" to gain an edge in battles.

With high-quality 3DCG graphics, you'll enjoy watching the Friends' stories and battles come to life in stunning detail. You can even dress them up in special costumes, including exploration outfits, tracksuits, and more! Through the "Encyclopedia," you can learn more about each Friend's real-life animal counterpart and become a Friends expert.

During your adventures, you'll receive a special ticket called the "☆4 Friends Shop Invitation Ticket," which allows you to pick your preferred Friend from a list of eight. Best of all, you can get this ticket as a login bonus. Only one ticket per person, so choose wisely!

Don't forget to connect your game with the arcade version, "Kemono Friends 3 Planet Tours." You'll be able to print out illustrations you obtained on the mobile version and turn them into real cards at the game center. Build your own collection and enjoy the game on both platforms! Kemono Friends 3 is a free-to-play RPG with in-app purchases. Visit the official website and Twitter page for more information.
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