Kathy Rain

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In Kathy Rain, a journalism student returns home to uncover the truth about her grandfather's death in a small-town drama. Classic point-and-click adventure gameplay with a compelling storyline.

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Sometimes the truth can be a dark and daunting mystery that needs to be solved.

Kathy Rain is an enthralling and nostalgic game, paying homage to the timeless classic point-and-click adventure games like King's Quest, designed especially for your touchscreen device. Get ready to solve puzzles, and search for clues in this captivating small-town drama staged in the mid-90s.

The strong-willed journalism student, Kathy, after learning about her grandfather's demise, decides to return to her hometown after many years to pay her respects. What she thought would be a routine procedure, changes when she discovers a mystery shrouding her grandfather's death. No one seems to have any concrete answers, and the odd behavior of the locals is unnerving. Kathy takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of the case and reveal the truth for her widowed grandmother.

As Kathy follows the clues her grandfather left behind, the questions start to pile up. What was Joseph Rain's true motive, that fatal night long ago? Why did he become a husk of his former self, reduced to a wheelchair? What made the young artist commit suicide, and why are the residents of Conwell Springs acting so strange? With her motorcycle, smokes, and sharp mind, Kathy discovers that the truth is far sinister and terrifying than she could have imagined.

Get ready to embark on a journey, filled with intuition, sleuthing, and adventure. The game is skillfully designed with pixel art and features the classic 4:3 resolution, reminiscent of the old times. The story is captivating and engaging, set in a small-town backdrop in the mid-90s. The cinematic presentation is outstanding, with an enthralling original score and over 4,000 lines of English dialogue, which adds to the immersive experience.

Kathy Rain is published by Raw Fury and developed by Clifftop Games, a game that will undoubtedly leave you thinking and wanting more.
Raw Fury
Release date
Nov 23, 2016
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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