Kanji Swipe: Sliding Puzzle

Kanji Swipe: Sliding Puzzle

Daniel Benito
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Game overview

Swipe to learn Kanji strokes in this sliding puzzle game. Addictive for all language learners and gamers, with over 1000 characters to unlock.

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The perfect solution for those who struggle with Kanji memorization is Kanji Swipe. This captivating sliding puzzle game is the ideal way to naturally learn how to write Kanji, one of the 3 writing systems in the Japanese Language. As you play, you will learn and internalize new characters primarily by creating them in the game. If interested, feel free to check the meaning and how to pronounce the Kanji.

Yet, if you are not motivated by learning Kanji, you can still fully enjoy the fun challenge of creating all the quirky looking characters, which will keep you hooked for hours.

Kanji Swipe is simple to comprehend. Swipe the screen with your finger to add new tiles with strokes. Then, combine them according to the correct order of strokes present in Japanese Kanji. Keep adding the necessary strokes distinguished by different colors, until a Kanji is complete. At this point, you may tap it to make room for more tiles or attempt to use it for a more complex Kanji, earning higher score points. The game ends when the board is filled with no room for further combinations.

Regardless of your expertise level in Kanji, Kanji Swipe caters to all language students. Beginners, intermediate and advanced learners should give the game a go. You will have to strategize whether to let a completed character pop or use it to create a fresh Kanji to gain extra points.

Mobile gamers as well as language learners will experience an entertaining challenge with over 1000 characters to unlock. This thrilling game features a charming soundtrack, lovable (literal) characters, and endless challenge from one simple game mode. No In-App Purchases are required as Kanji Swipe provides a comprehensive experience the moment you download it. Additionally, you can challenge friends to achieve the highest scores.

Unlock the excitement of learning and uncover delightful characters in this universal app for iPhones and iPads. Join the Kanji Swipe community!
Daniel Benito
Release date
Aug 06, 2021

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