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Kanji Parkour

Game overview

Avoid obstacles, destroy traps, and reach the goal of this running game. Touch kanji boxes for advantages or disadvantages. Watch life and gauge.

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This game is all about guiding a running character to reach the finish line by dodging obstacles, jumping over or destroying them, and making sure they don't fall off the stage.

● "Kanji Boxes"
Boxes with kanji characters written on them are placed throughout the stages. When interacting with these boxes, events related to that kanji will be triggered such as "player action", "weapon appearance", "visual effects", "traps", offering both advantages and disadvantages to the player. Use these "kanji boxes" strategically while overcoming obstacles and making your way to the finish line.

● Simplistic Controls
The controls are as easy as changing the running direction of the character using only a finger. With this, guide your character to avoid falling off the stage.

● Beware of Obstacles
Objects with different colors are obstacles. Although they don't harm the character, they will try to push them off-stage and interfere with their progress. Some of these obstacles can be destroyed using the weapons attained from "kanji boxes".

● Manage Your Life Points
To successfully complete this game, it is essential to manage your life points. Falling off the stage results in a loss of one life point. When life points reach zero, the game will be over. Players can increase their life points by opening "heart-shaped boxes" or by keeping the life gauge full.

● Accumulate the Life Gauge
The circular gauge next to the life points is the life gauge, which can store up to 100 points. Exchanging 100 points from the life gauge can recover one life point. Breaking obstacles or interacting with the "kanji boxes" will fill up your life gauge.
Tetsuya Nakao
Release date
Jan 01, 2022
Single player

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