GamesJust Get 2048: A Simple Puzzle Game!

Just Get 2048: A Simple Puzzle Game!

Game overview

Innovative 2048 game: Tap, don't swipe, to move the numbers. Merge the same numbers to reach 2048. Get high score!

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Introducing the new and exciting gameplay for the highly addictive 2048 game! The tile movements have been revolutionized, with a tap replacing the usual swipe, making it even more engaging. With smoother tile movements, you can batter your way to the top, revealing a uniquely cool gameplay experience.

This game is simple yet so challenging; all you have to do is join numbered tiles while aiming to get to the cherished 2048 tile. By tapping the blank tiles, all tiles move to open spaces, and when two identical numbered tiles collide, they merge into one. Always aim to achieve a high score by getting to the 2048 tile.

The rules are straightforward to follow: Two 1024 tiles merge to equal 2048. When three 4 tiles merge simultaneously, they equate to 16, while four 4 tiles merging produces 32. As you play, you can challenge your math skills by calculating the tile merging formula.

If you ever have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email us at, and we'll be happy to address them. Start tapping your tiles and see how far you can go!
光耀 宁
Release date
May 07, 2014

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