Jurassic Island: Lost Ark Survival

Jurassic Island: Lost Ark Survival

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Game overview

Survive on a Jurassic island by hunting, crafting, building shelter, taming dinosaurs, and discovering the mysteries of the Lost Ark.

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Welcome to your new home on an uninhabited island brimming with prehistoric beasts and wildlife. After a terrible plane crash, you find yourself stranded and alone, with no signs of any other survivors. To stand a chance at survival, you will have to hone your crafting and building skills. While exploring the island, you'll come across ancient Jurassic creatures like dinosaurs and dragons, and even discover signs of other tribes and potential survivors.

Hunting is a necessary part of your survival, as you'll need to gather resources and food like fur. You can hunt all kinds of animals, including dinosaurs, using a range of weapons like bows, spears, baseball bats, rifles, and pistols. Additionally, you can even tame and domesticate dinosaurs and dragons, but it will require special preparation beforehand to handle the stronger ones.

Exploration is key to your survival here - it's where you'll collect resources, food, and discover new animals and locations. Don't forget to venture into the nearby ocean to uncover rare objects and relics that may aid you in your survival journey.

Your shelter fortress is your first line of defense against the wildlife, and crafting it requires resources. As you gather more materials, consider expanding your shelter with multiple floors or even separate buildings. Decorating your shelter with various items is also an option!

To explore neighboring islands and their unique resources, you can build a raft that may also be used for fishing. The Lost Ark, an ancient, unexplored structure, has been on the island for centuries. Ancient tribes have left it sealed, and you'll have to uncover its mysteries to continue surviving.

Mining and crafting are necessary skills to master for survival. Crafting higher quality resources, weapons, and armor will be a must. Mining for valuable resources and ores to create powerful items will be challenging, but there are some mines on the island.

In addition to hunting, farming is another way to obtain food. You can farm crops for eating or cooking in various dishes, which can be useful for sustaining yourself since hunger and thirst are constant adversaries. Cooked food restores more health and stamina than raw resources so knowing how to cook is essential.

Don't be afraid of taming small dinos, even on lower levels, but be careful with stronger dinos. With many different options and strategies available, will you have what it takes to survive on this Jurassic island?
Area730 Entertainment
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