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Survive epic post-apocalyptic battles in JUNKWORLD. Command the resourceful Scavenger clan, deploy tactics, towers, and train crazy-looking heroes to defeat strange enemies.

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Embark on daring escapades in hostile terrains with your dubious companions as you lead the Scavenger clan through the mayhem of intense post-apocalyptic battles. Demonstrate your tactical prowess by placing towers, using special units and gadgets, and training eccentric heroes.

Welcome to JUNKWORLD!

Take charge of the resourceful Scavenger clan as they navigate the perils of epic post-apocalyptic battles. Set up your strategy by placing towers, employing special units and gadgets, and training peculiar-looking heroes. The entire map is your tactical playground, so place your towers wherever you desire!


- There are 16 TOWERS to choose from, each with its own unique abilities. From towers with hydraulic drills or mechanical bulls to one that astonishingly transmutes enemies into sheep… How is that even possible? We have no idea!
- 16 TACTICS are available for deployment. How about a warrior wearing armor made of garbage cans? Who says those 5-minute craft videos don't come in handy? Deploy up to 4 tactics per stage, from Landmines to Misfits, or even a tiny machine that creates powerful whirlwinds to mow down your opponents.
- Command 9 HEROES that are at your disposal to defeat the most unusual and unexpected enemies. Boost their capabilities and abilities by upgrading them to supercharge your defenses!
- Dominate 4 HOSTILE TERRAINS, including the fearsome wasteland, the radioactive marshes, Psychopolis, and the Order's Headquarters.
- Prove your tactical acumen in 80 CHALLENGING STAGES. Endure the most challenging weather conditions as you visit treacherous battlefields.
- Earn awesome rewards by excelling in challenges and quests that demand clever strategies and leadership skills.
- Discover all the easter eggs and unlock all the zany, epic achievements!
- Learn about your adversaries and their weaknesses by studying the intelligence we've gathered for you.
Ironhide Irl
Release date
Sep 22, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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