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Jump heroes unite in this simple, fun communication game with puzzle battles, stamps and a guaranteed 5-star gacha. Adventure to stop an evil force on Jump Island!

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Jump enthusiasts, get ready for a game that brings your favorite heroes to life. Jump heroes from all popular manga and anime series have come together in Jump Champs, providing a chance to win a 5-star guaranteed 10-sequence gacha for your desired character. The game offers a fun combination of easy controls and traditional “pop-pop” puzzles for up to four players, allowing multiple players to enjoy the game and interact on different levels using game stamps as a means of communication.

Jump Champs is a whimsical adventure game that takes place in the Jump Island universe, where the much-loved heroes go about their everyday lives. But once every fifty years, evil forces awaken the dark and nefarious side of Jump Island characters, turning them into monsters who disturb the peaceful and serene quality of Jump Island. Your mission: defeat the monsters, who've been corrupted by negative emotions, and restore the peacefulness of Jump Island by bringing the characters back to their own selves.

Jump Champs features a fun combat system based on special moves that can be accomplished with simple, intuitive taps. Moreover, this game epitomizes teamwork and collaboration by allowing your heroes and companions to overcome enemies that stand in the way of their common goal. Game stamps ensure that creating an engaging and communicative user experience is at the forefront.

With over 75+ manga series featured in the game, players will have a chance to play with their favorite characters from all-time classics to the newest entrance. Jump Champs serves as an ode to Jump's golden jubilee, showcasing the accomplishments and contributions of the most celebrated anime and manga series of the past generations, It’s a must-play if you’re a die-hard Jump fan.
Release date
Jun 17, 2019
Single player


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