Jive Blocks

Jive Blocks


Game overview

Jive Blocks is a daily sliding block puzzle. All the blocks slide together when you swipe. The goal is to get all of the smaller blocks to end up on their matching faded background grid blocks at the same time. You’ll know for sure that a block is in the correct position when it starts spinning in place. Solid black blocks don’t ever move.

You can mess up to the point where you’ll need to reset the board in order to ever be able to win. That’s what the reset button is for. You may also use up to 3 hints per day if you get really stuck on a puzzle and need a little help. The hints give exact moves starting from move 1, so they usually are best used in combination with a reset.

The puzzles get harder as the week goes on starting on Monday, so Sunday is the most challenging puzzle each week.

How do you lose? Well you can't actually lose by playing the game, you can only lose by not solving the puzzle after opening the game by the end of the day. After the day ends, the next puzzle will be released.
Release date
Oct 20, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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