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Game overview

Konami's popular baseball game, "Jikkyo Powerful Pro Yakyu" is now available as an app, allowing players to develop original players and lead their team to victory.

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Powerful Pro Baseball, a hugely popular baseball game from Konami, has arrived as an app, allowing for player development anytime and anywhere! Train your own original baseball player in "Success" mode and lead your team to victory against players from all over the country in "Stadium" mode! This 3D action game with easy controls offers thrilling gameplay, making it a must-have for baseball fans everywhere.

☆☆☆ Game Features ☆☆☆
■ Basic Free-to-Play ■
All game modes are basically free-to-play! (In-app purchases available for some items.) Necessary items and power stones for training and games can be obtained through daily login bonuses, challenge rewards for completing specific tasks, and various events and campaigns! With all these, you can play every day without spending a penny! Aim for the top of high school baseball, the Koshien championship, by playing every day!

■ Success Mode ■
The baseball player development mode "Success" familiar from the home console game series, Powerful Pro Baseball, is available in the app. Enjoy the story while nurturing your original player! Experience high school life with your rivals and friends on various high school baseball teams. "Success" offers exciting scenarios featuring training, play, and sometimes even romance. Aim for the top of high school baseball and achieve your ultimate goal: winning the Koshien championship.

<Various Scenarios>
Collaborative scenarios featuring popular baseball manga like "Diamond no Ace," "Major," and "Gekikou Nine" are also available! Unique scenarios make "Success" even more exciting! Gain experience points through various scenarios, which are essential to developing top-class baseball players!

☆ Event Deck System: The Key to Baseball Player Development☆
Popular characters from Power Pro Baseball such as Morikami Inukai, Akio Yabe, and Aoi Hayakawa make an appearance! Characters included in the event deck appear in the "Success" story and trigger various events. These events offer high chances of obtaining experience points! Acquire various event characters to develop your ideal baseball team!

■ Stadium Mode ■
In "Stadium" mode, compete against players from all over the country and aim for the top ranking! Use the professional baseball players you have developed in "Success" to form your team and compete against players from all over the country! The game progresses automatically, but you can take control of key moments in the game, whether to hit a home run or strike out, earning you points. Winning matches is the easiest way to increase points. Ranking results in Stadium mode may earn you luxurious items! Develop your own strongest professional baseball team and aim for the top ranking among all your rivals throughout the country!

Officially Licensed By Hanshin Koshien Stadium
※The recreated in-game stadium signboards are based on the data from 2020.

■ Portal Functionality ■
With this, you'll have access to the latest updates on "Power Pro Baseball." Access the latest updates on Konami baseball titles and other relevant news anytime!

■ Recommended For ■
People who love baseball and baseball games:
- Those who want a free-to-play baseball game app.
- Those who want to compete against players from all over the country with the developed player.
- Those who want to win the high school baseball Koshien championship.
- Those who love popular baseball manga like "Major," "Diamond no Ace," and "Gekikou Nine."
- Those who want to experience the excitement of getting a perfect strike or home run on a sports game.
- Those who are looking for a baseball game with an interesting storyline.
- Those who wish to play an interesting baseball game centered around high school baseball.
- Those who are looking for a simulation game where you can develop your own original baseball player.

For those who love development games and competitive games:
- Those who are looking for a sports game where baseball players can be trained.
- Those who are looking for a development game with lots of story, such as romance and youthfulness.
- Those who are looking for a baseball simulation game among development games.
- Those who want to develop their own baseball player and play against other players.
- Those who want to enjoy an interesting game where you can enjoy high school baseball from the player development stage.
- Those who are looking for a simulation game where you can set up and play a match with your own team.
- Those who are fans of Konami's sports games and player development games.
- Those who want to train their baseball player and challenge players all over the country.
- Those who want to create the strongest team in a baseball player development game.

For those who want to play interesting free games that are currently trending:
- Those who are looking for a free baseball game that allows them to compete against other players.
- Those who are looking for a sports game app with different ways to play and yet it's free.
- Those who aren’t familiar with baseball but want to try playing an easy-to-understand baseball game for free.
- Those who are looking for interesting free games.
- Those who want something easy to control and addictive games to play while commuting.
- Those who are looking for popular and interesting games that both adults and middle school students can enjoy.
- Those who want to enjoy a fun sports game in their free time.
- Those who want to enjoy a free sports game with easy controls that automatically progress.
- Those who are looking for fun games that have been popular for a long time.

For those who love Power Pro:
- Those who want to play Power Pro Baseball even on the go.
- Those who love the Power Pro-kun character.
- Those who have always loved Konami's baseball games and wanted to play them on their smartphones.
- Those who enjoy the story in Power Pro.
- Those who once played the home console game Powerful Pro Baseball and want to start it again.

◇◇◇ Environment ◇◇◇
This app is an online game. Please enjoy it in an environment that allows for internet connection.

◇◇◇ Compatible Devices ◇◇◇
- Supported OS: Android 5.0 and later
- List of compatible devices: "https://www.konami.com/pawa/app/device.html"
※ Other than the above OS and confirmed devices, we do not guarantee performance.
※ Trouble with operation on other devices and operating systems other than the confirmed ones is not subject to support. Please note in advance.
※ About the device operation: There may be some instances when displays of the app will not operate properly on devices that have a 2-screen display format. It is recommended to use it on the 1-screen display format. Also, keep in mind that device operation cannot be guaranteed.
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