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Game overview

Guide young detective Jenny LeClue through a mystery-filled world, solving crimes, and uncovering secrets to clear her mother's name in a unique, vintage-inspired adventure.

Experience the excitement of being a young detective in Jenny LeClue, a fascinating tale full of mysteries, investigations and personal growth. Immerse yourself in the stunning visual design of Arthurton, a serene town where the facade conceals dark secrets that must be uncovered. As you play, make crucial decisions that shape the course of the story. Jenny's fate lies not only in her hands but yours, too. Help her unravel the perplexities bound to her mother's recent indictment and become the detective prodigy she was destined to be. Expect many unexpected twists and turns in the plot as Jenny sets out on her journey to uncover the truth. Arthurton's perfect lifestyle is but a sham, and numerous hindrances will test your detective skills to the limit. But fret not! Jenny's intelligence, keen instincts and her ability to observe subtle visual hints during conversation scenes will aid you tremendously. Rely on these clues and search every nook and cranny of Arthurton's exquisite world to unravel secrets, sayings, and jokes that reward only the most dedicated of investigators. The story within the story is what sets Jenny LeClue apart from any ordinary adventure game. A tale of loss, family values, and discovering one's true identity, this experience is both immersive and captivating. The mysterious Arthur K. Finklestein acts as the narrator but also as a guide that enables you to make decisions that transform Jenny's fable. Your choices can even influence Finklestein's tale. Jenny LeClue's world is full of diverse characters and locations that contribute to the game's overall charm. Explore areas such as the dilapidated mines, forgotten graveyards, the rarely-visited Lake Noware, and the vast Gumboldt's Library. These locations are filled with suspicious characters with whom Jenny will interact with, and your choices will ultimately determine the course of the story. Don't miss out on discovering the secrets of Arthurton alongside one of the most promising young detectives the gaming world has ever seen.
Release date
Sep 19, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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