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Janken Shogi

Game overview

A free casual game combining rock-paper-scissors and chess, where you defeat the opponent's King with unique moving pieces. Play alone or with friends.

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Experience the classic game of rock-paper-scissors with an added twist in Janken Shogi! Unlike traditional shogi, Janken Shogi is easy to learn and perfect for groups of friends or colleagues. With both one-player and two-player modes available, challenge your brain using just your smartphone and see who will emerge victorious.

The objective of the game is to defeat your opponent's king piece just like in traditional shogi. Use your rock-paper-scissors pieces to knock out your opponent's king while being strategic with each move - each piece has its own distinct range of movement indicated by the arrows for easier play. Don't forget that if your king is taken, you will lose!

There are four different pieces in Janken Shogi: rock, paper, scissors, and the king. Rock can attack scissors, scissors can attack paper, and paper can attack rock. The king can attack any piece and can be attacked by any piece. If one of your pieces attacks your opponent's piece, it will become yours! In the event of a tie, both pieces will remain on the board and can be used to block your opponent's movements.

Janken Shogi also features a transformation element where if your piece reaches the opposite end of the board, it will transform and become more powerful. With over 20 stages available in single-player mode, you can work on your skills in secret and become a master of Janken Shogi.

This ultimate free game is the perfect way to relieve stress and have fun with friends and family. If you enjoy board games, Othello, or chess, give Janken Shogi a try!
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