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In Jackal Retro, you play as part of an elite squad tasked with rescuing POWs and destroying an ultimate weapon. Upgrade your jeep's launcher as you go.

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Take a step back in time to the iconic Jackal Jeep game that first hit the scene in 1988. With Jackal Retro, you can relive the classic run-and-gun style of gameplay on your mobile device.

You will be joining the elite force known as the Jackal Squad who have undergone rigorous training to survive any situation that comes their way. Your mission is to navigate the armed jeep through enemy territory to extract and rescue prisoners of war.

At the start of the game, a helicopter will drop you off on the coast of enemy territory. Your primary objective is to infiltrate the enemy's headquarters and destroy their ultimate weapon. On your journey, you will pass through several internment camps where the POWs are being held. You must free them and collect them in your jeep until it's full. When your jeep is full, you will then need to drive to the nearest heliport where an extraction chopper awaits to take them to safety.

Keep in mind that prisoners who are held captive in solitary camps will upgrade your jeep's grenade/missile launcher by one level. Extracting prisoners in succession will result in extra points awarded. If you manage to reach the target number of prisoners in a row, your Jeep's missile launcher will be upgraded to the next level. You will traverse different areas such as an ancient ruin, a lake, a hill, and a mountain before finally reaching the enemy headquarters.

Your Jeep is capable of running over foot soldiers but can be destroyed by an enemy projectile or by colliding with enemy vehicles. When your Jeep is destroyed, a new one will be provided. You will run out of replacement Jeeps when you have either accomplished your mission or have no more replacements left.

The game boasts of 3D graphics with an intense shoot-'em-up style of gameplay, challenging bosses, various vehicles and equipment, endless missions, events, rewards, and much more.

Jackal Jeep - Top Gunner is available for a free download. Let the POWs know that you are coming! Show your Jeep on Facebook. Become the hero of the battlefield, and good luck on your journey!
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