GamesI've Got a Brand New Pair of Legs

Game overview

Swap legs on the fly to complete 40 unique levels and avoid obstacles. Choose the best legs to unlock and climb the online leaderboard.

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I've Got A Brand New Pair Of Legs is a challenging puzzle-platformer where players must strategize which of Chris' different pairs of legs to utilize to overcome various obstacles throughout each level.

Chris has to navigate through treacherous environments while fulfilling his ultimate goal of reaching point B and indulging in pizza along the way. But he can't rely on his regular human legs to navigate through every challenge. Luckily, Chris has the ability to switch out his legs whenever necessary.

For example, if he needs to reach a high platform to get to a juicy slice of pizza, he can switch to giraffe legs to elevate his height. If Chris needs to cross a pond, he can use duck legs to keep himself buoyant. And if the path is filled with spikes, frog legs will allow him to jump to safety.

However, players must be careful not to collide with obstacles or accidentally bump into something, as this will cause Chris to lose a pair of legs and will make it harder to complete the level.

To complete each level, players must figure out which legs are most suitable for the challenges they'll face. Certain levels require specific leg types to be successfully completed.

I've Got A Brand New Pair Of Legs includes forty unique levels, with a variety of leg types available to unlock. Players will also have access to an online leaderboard to compete with others.

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Release date
Jan 15, 2020
Single player


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