ITALY. Land of Wonders

ITALY. Land of Wonders

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Help Elio retrieve sparks & light up the lighthouse in Italy. Meet 5 guardians, solve 100 puzzles, explore 5 cultural sectors & iconic landmarks. Become lighthouse keeper!

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Experience the cultural richness of Italy through the captivating game, ITALY. Land of Wonders. Join Elio on his quest to collect 20 sparks and reignite the lighthouse to bring back the sun. Along the way, players will meet five knowledgeable Guardians who will reveal the wonders of Italy's Nature, Cuisine, Art, Performance and Design - the five pillars of Italian cultural heritage. As the players journey through this game, they will discover delightful coastlines, majestic mountains, vibrant cities, and enigmatic castles, all presented in a 3D reconstruction of iconic Italian landmarks.

Plunge into a world of 100 intricate puzzle levels that will test your wits, challenge your spatial awareness and take you on an extraordinary adventure infused with Italian myths and traditions. Once the journey is complete, an exciting new role awaits players as they symbolically step into the shoes of the Lighthouse Keeper and aim to safeguard Italy's treasures.

Whether you are an Italy enthusiast, or just a curious adventurer, ITALY. Land of Wonders has something for everyone. Equally, it makes for an excellent travel guide, with an impressive collection of 600 articles filled with captivating stories, engaging news and fun facts. Learn the language, absorb the culture and explore the wonders of Italy – all through the captivating and unforgettable experience of ITALY. Land of Wonders.
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pandochchkafrom Skich app
Amazing game! Learn facts about Italy, architecture and all, combined with a puzzle game, colorful graphics and cute characters....
John Gardner
John Gardnerfrom Skich app
I just started playingb it. Seems good...

Gameplay & Streams

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