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Isekai Demon Waifu

Game overview

Conquer and dominate in Isekai as the Demon Prince! Build your stronghold, gather subordinates, romance princesses, and battle real-time PvP opponents.

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Do you feel like an outcast in the real world? The destiny society has for you doesn't have to be your fate. Take the risk and start a journey as the powerful Demon Prince! Begin by defending your stronghold Paladina and work your way up to conquer the unknown. Strengthen your subordinates to expand your influence and even fall in love and turn your loved ones into princesses along the way.

Embrace your power and rise to greatness! Protect your people, lead your troops in battle, and expand your impact as the Demon Prince. Venture to different locations through the portal to meet beautiful girls who you can impress with your charm to increase affections and ultimately, to boost your kingdom's power.

Recruit a variety of subordinates and elite troops to assemble a powerful army to become the lord of the Otherworld. Each subordinate has different skills, making it crucial to cultivate their abilities to achieve victory. Dominate in real-time PVP and challenge other players to attain the highest honor in cross-server battles.

Not only are you powerful, but you can also dress like royalty! Choose your outfits from a selection of distinct costumes for yourself, your consorts, and subordinates to flaunt your exquisite taste. Additionally, make friends, set up a guild, and battle away with them to make your kingdom even stronger.

Choose the region that corresponds to your local time for a better gameplay experience. Join our community on Facebook, Twitter, Discord and visit our official website for more information. Note that some game content requires separate payments. Become the Demon Prince and create an Otherworld kingdom of your own!
Release date
Mar 23, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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