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Into the Dead 2

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Game overview

Zombie apocalypse, save family, adapt tactics to annihilate ever-increasing zombie threats, explore varied environments, with loyal canine companions. Survive.

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Into the Dead 2 is the highly anticipated follow-up to the hugely popular zombie action game, Into the Dead, which has amassed over 70 million downloads!

Arm yourself to the teeth with an array of powerful weapons and fight your way through a seemingly endless gauntlet of terrifying undead creatures, as you embark on a perilous journey through a world torn apart by the zombie apocalypse. With your family's safety at risk, it's up to you to do whatever it takes to survive. Take on the ravenous hordes with an arsenal of weapons and cut them to pieces if you have to. After all, in a world where everyone is an enemy, the only thing standing between you and the hordes of zombies is yourself!

Experience a gripping narrative with twists and turns at every corner. You will be immersed in a thrilling story, including an exclusive prequel to Night of the Living Dead and a brand new expansion to the Ghostbusters universe.

With seven action-packed chapters, sixty levels, and hundreds of challenges, you'll keep coming back for more. The gameplay is incredibly varied, ranging from shooting from military gun emplacements and cutting through hordes to traversing on top of vehicles. It all depends on what your situation requires! There are also various environments to discover, from oil fields and military bases to the backdrop of campgrounds and rural farm communities. Each location is bound to strike fear into your heart as you face off against increasing zombie threats. Be sure to adapt your tactics, as different hordes require different strategies, including armoured and running zombies!

The game introduces new story events, taking place in burnt forests and frozen mountaintops, along with daily and special event modes that will keep you coming back for more. You'll also have loyal canine companions at your side to fend off zombies and keep you safe in the field. Best of all, you can take your game anywhere as it can be played offline and doesn't require an internet connection!

Download Into the Dead 2 for free today and enjoy the exciting gameplay experience. Keep in mind, however, that certain items in the game can be purchased with real money. As you explore the game's many features, external storage permissions will be required to ensure a smooth experience for all players. Specifically, you will need to permit modifications or deletions to the USB storage contents and read its contents. Prepare yourself for a zombie-infested world and see how far you can make it in the fight to survive!
Release date
Oct 11, 2017
Single player


Lifixfrom Skich app
Loved the game looks great feels great and there's lots of content...
from Skich app
Не оч. Слишком в конце сложно. Я прошёл игру на плохую концовку. Потому что хорошая и средняя за звёзды. А там в далеке очень трудно получить звёзды без доната....
Skich User
Skich Userfrom Skich app
Не запускается
from Skich app
Крутая игра, много оружия, давольно легко играть!...
Vladoskacos2from Skich app
from Skich app
Игра классноя
Ramil Barela
Ramil Barelafrom Skich app
Skich User
Skich Userfrom Skich app
Cool graphics and really fun to play...
Played it when I was ten, really enjoyable......

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