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Get creative & laugh with Interference! Draw & describe as each player only sees the previous step. No need to be a great artist to enjoy.

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Step into the world of Interference - the popular drawing game where you can let your creativity run wild and laugh uncontrollably. If you're familiar with the classic game of Chinese whispers or broken telephone, you'll love our fresh take on that old favourite. Experience the excitement as you draw and describe in collaboration with a chain of players - but with a twist. Each player can only view the previous step in the game, which means the original message quickly gets lost in translation and evolves into something completely different. The best part? Seeing the final outcome of the game that will have you in stitches!

Not sure what to draw? Don't worry - simply join a game and you'll be given a description to illustrate in any fashion you choose. You have 10 minutes to bring your interpretation to life before it's passed on to the next player for them to describe! If you don't feel like drawing, you can opt-out and become the storyteller instead. The game proceeds as each player strives to provide the most detailed description of the illustration in front of them. It's amazing to see how the beginning and end of the game differ!

But you don't need to be the next Picasso to enjoy this fun-filled and cost-free drawing game. We love all kinds of drawings, from stick figures to intricate masterpieces. Join our friendly community of players, and regardless of your artistic ability, you'll be welcomed with open arms, making new friends while trying to pass on the message. All that's needed to have a great time is your sense of humour!


✏ Draw using stylus or touch
πŸ† Collect in-game achievements
πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Improve your drawing skills and learn from other players
πŸ–Ό Compete for 'Picture of the Week'
πŸ‘ Receive likes from other players and get featured on the front page
πŸ“½ Watch replays of past drawings
πŸ—£ Make new friends through art and chat with others in our warm and welcoming forum

...and most importantly, reconnect with your inner artist and enjoy the limitless freedom of creativity!

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