Insignia: Tactics

Insignia: Tactics

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Game overview

Insignia: Tactics - a mobile strategy RPG with customizable squads, dynamic strategy, and an epic single-player campaign. No micro-transactions.

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Immerse yourself in the world of Insignia: Tactics, where friendship and loyalty are put to the ultimate test in an endless war. You are Rayl, the Archon of Artesia's nephew, and you will do whatever it takes to keep your loved ones and your country safe. However, your adversaries are numerous, and their will is as unwavering as yours. Determination and bravery will be your allies in defeating them, and discovering the cause of the conflict is crucial to bring justice.

- Classical Design Concept-
Growing up playing remarkable RPGs on consoles, we wanted to create the same quality of gameplay to mobile devices, without resorting to pay-to-win tricks. We want to exceed your expectations!

- Strategic RPG-
Fight against your enemies on a grid-based battleground, where every move counts. Draft a cunning strategy and position your units mindfully to defeat your foes!

- Customizable Crew-
With 14 different unique insignia classes, you can select from over 70 different abilities. Upgrade and enhance your abilities by choosing from various upgrade paths. Utilize Magnetics Fragments to modify every aspect of your crew.

- Dynamic Tactics-
With 35+ Storyline Missions and extra missions in Arvada, each battle will test your strategic abilities and exploration of new challenges. Each insignia is created to balance out each other, so that there are endless strategies to achieve victory.

-Solo Player Journey-
Experience an adventure of surviving unexpected danger, humourous discussions, and bonding with your comrades throughout all their hour quest.

-Mobile First-
Navigate the fields with intuitive touch controls. Insignia is continuously saved, so even throughout the battle, there is never any risk of losing your progress.

- Personal Difficulty Options-
If it feels too comfortable or too challenging, don't worry. Customize the difficulty to your heart's desire. Story mode is available for those who primarily love reading narratives.

- Another Chance-
Reliving your favourite adventure could not be more rewarding. Replay through the entire campaign on your own terms, and better yet, change the fate of the story!
Win Button LLC
Release date
Mar 02, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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