Inflation RPG

Inflation RPG

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Game overview

Rise to over 100LV in 1 battle with steady progression, appropriate bonuses, and exciting high-speed battles. Efficiently divide status and get equipped!

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In this game, you have the opportunity to increase your levels to over 100LV by just engaging in a single battle! That means that your progress through the levels will be steady and exciting. The ultimate goal of the game is to attain the highest level possible within the limited number of battles.

You'll find yourself on a vast field where you can move around in search of suitable battles, levels, and bonuses that will aid you in achieving your goal. Your main aim is to progress through the game as efficiently as possible.

As your levels increase, it is imperative that you divide your status up among different characters in order to efficiently defeat the enemies you encounter. The battle is ultra exhilarating and high-speed in nature. Your status will determine the number of attacks and critical hits you unleash upon your enemies.

In the game, you'll also find an abundance of equipment items that will help you level up efficiently. You'll have access to a variety of ultra-powerful equipment, so it's up to you to use them correctly and increase your levels with ease.

Overall, the game promises an exciting and fun-filled adventure where you can increase your levels, discover new items, and have a great time!
Release date
Aug 18, 2013

Gameplay & Streams

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