Game overview

InfiniteCorp is a cyberpunk strategy card game where you navigate moral dilemmas to keep megacorporations profitable. Your decisions shape the future.

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InfiniteCorp immerses players in a futuristic cyberpunk world, where they take on the role of a logistics and goods distribution corporation employee in a towering city where millions of people reside. Experience a world where technology has developed to a point where cyber-enhancements and genetic modifications are the norm. With plants and animals all but extinct, those living in Babylon 6 rely on your judgment and decision-making to survive.

As you progress through InfiniteCorp, every choice you make will have a profound impact on the lives of the citizens living within the city. Ensuring that the 'megacorporations' maintain their influence over the various social classes is your primary objective. Even though these corporations seek maximum profits, they couldn't care less about their customers or employees, so making informed decisions is of paramount importance.

InfiniteCorp presents unpredictable requests from different social groups, which will shape your future. Strive for a balance between the elites, citizens, media, criminal overlords, and security to keep the city functioning. The tower is divided into districts and floors, creating a social hierarchy where the higher up you live, the more you're revered.

Playing InfiniteCorp is easy, simply hold down on a card and slowly swipe it left or right to see the two options available before making your final decision. Each choice you make will cause a butterfly effect, altering the game's outcome. Each loss in the game resets it with slightly different cards, but the objective remains the same.

InfiniteCorp supports English and Polish at present, with more languages added over time. Come and experience this vibrant cyberpunk world, where the stakes are high, the moral lines are blurred, and the fate of millions rests on your shoulders.
Release date
Mar 16, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

InfiniteCorp - Official Release Trailer || T-BullT-Bull
InfiniteCorp - Official Steam Trailer || T-BullT-Bull
InfiniteCorp: iOS / Android Gameplay Part 1 (by T-Bull)App Unwrapper
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