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Infinite Tanks WW2 is a card-driven tank building game with unique vehicle combinations and battles, including a single player campaign and online multiplayer gameplay.

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Infinite Tanks WW2 is an innovative WW2 tank battle game that introduces a fresh approach to tank battles. One of the most standout features in the game is an original tank building system based on cards. Players can mix and match parts of various historic tanks, create powerful hybrids and customize tanks to fit their liking and play style.

With infinite options of combinations, every vehicle can be tuned according to your preferences. You can then take your brand new war machine to battle in open environments that draw inspiration from historical battle locations.

In the classic mode campaign, players can fight in 5 different historical theaters of war that consist of 12 missions. Once you're done with the campaign, you can jump into action-packed online multiplayer matches, consisting of various exciting game modes.

The game features two separate progression trees for Axis and Allies, and you can unlock and upgrade tanks from both sides of the war. Plus, you can also customize tanks with historical paint patterns and badges.

Infinite Tanks WW2 includes some of the iconic tanks from World War 2, such as Sherman M4A1, M18 Hellcat, M26 Pershing, Type 1 Chi-He, Type 4 Chi-To, Panzer III, Tiger II, Panther, Tiger 1, Panzer IV, Stug III, Jagdpanther, Panzer 38T, Churchill, Cromwell, Crusader, Matilda II, T-34, KV-1, SU-85, and IS.

The game features five historical environments, from the scorching battlefields of Africa to the chilly Russia battlefronts and serene islands of the pacific. Offline custom games such as King of the Hill, Capture the Bases, and Team Deathmatch can be played both online and offline.

What sets Infinite Tanks WW2 apart from other games is its realistic physics and different tank parts damage system. The game also includes special mechanics like abilities and critical damage, making tank battles unpredictable and exciting.

Overall, Infinite Tanks WW2 delivers a unique tank battle experience with its card-driven construction system, online multiplayer matches, and iconic tanks from World War 2.
Release date
Jun 23, 2021

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