Infinite Differences

Infinite Differences

Random Logic Games, LLC

Game overview

Are you an expert at spotting the differences between things?
It’s pretty easy if they look extremely different, but what if there are two pictures, and they are almost identical? That’s where we test how good of a detective you are! Random Logic Games is excited to present to you Infinite Differences, a fresh photo hunt game with loads of cool graphics and photos!

Infinite Differences is a compare and find puzzle game using unique, custom generated artwork, that asks you to compare two pictures that, at first, appear identical. However there are actually tiny little differences between the two photos and you have to find them! These unique puzzles take a great amount of concentration to be able to spot the differences between the pictures in each round, but if you focus you can find the differences between them faster and faster, all while challenging your brain!

How to play Infinite Differences:
When a level begins you will be shown two photos that at first appear identical - but they are not! It’s your job to find the five differences between the two photos.
Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it isn’t. There always seems to be one that's tricky!

✔ Compare the two images 📸 📸
✔ Search for small differences or variances between the two photos or scenes 🔍
✔ Tap either photo to highlight the difference 👈
✔ Find all 5 differences before the time runs out! ⏳

Can’t get past a puzzle?
Watch a short video for a hint, if you get stuck!
(Watch as many as you need to help spot the difference you're having a challenge finding in order to solve the puzzle, we won't tell anyone!)

Free to download, each level in Infinite Differences is creatively designed to give your eyes a feast, with expertly designed, unique scenes that are created to give your mind a workout without being fatiguing. Playing is easy, but with so many puzzles, do you think you have what it takes to seek and find all the differences?
Random Logic Games, LLC
Release date
Feb 20, 2020

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