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Single-player deckbuilding RPG with procedurally generated maps and a partner system. Choose from 9 playable characters in a medieval fantasy world with unique story adventures.

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According to legend, the origins of creation come from the old gods. Lord God Strockanos, who is responsible for the universe, molded the Mekaa continent into existence from the primordial chaos and infused it with his own blood. The gods of agriculture, destiny, and death reside in Mekaa and serve as guardians while also acting as the source of arcane enchantments. As a result, this world is sustained by God’s Blood and arcane abilities.

Humans have ascended as predominant on Mekaa, originating from the ancient Alrayans to the Elruips who migrated and the Normaasts banished to the world’s end. Diverse societies have sprung up from mountainous to pastoral or nomadic tribes. While civilization and religion have clashed over the ages, the belief in old gods, particularly Strockanos, remained strong.

Nevertheless, the arrival of a new deity, Indies, has ushered in a new era and religion for the continent and humanity.

Indies' Lies is a game featuring a single-player mode that combines deckbuilding with Roguelike and RPG mechanics. With hundreds of cards and talent/rune/partner systems in place for different classes and procedurally generated maps, each playthrough is a fresh experience. Every character has an exciting story adventure that unfolds in a medieval fantasy world.

The game boasts fun gameplay for newbies as traditional deckbuilding mechanics have been optimized to create a smoother experience. More experienced players will find the gameplay challenging and less restricting.

Nine unique heroes, drawn from three classes, make for a diverse range of strategies; wizards, rangers, and mechanists each come with their own set of talents and cards. The procedurally generated maps mean that every game will be different.

Indies' Lies has a partner system that spices up gameplay as you command a team of one hero and up to two partners. Partners have their own set of cards and strengths that complement the hero’s deck and open up room for flexible strategies and team tactics.

Each run features a unique procedurally generated talent tree with over 200 talents designed for different stages and builds. The system suits different classes and builds, meeting the need for deck development.

Mekaa's medieval fantasy world makes for an engrossing experience. The game's storyline takes you on a journey to unravel each character's secrets, unlock story mode, and partake in quests such as searching for a lost love or fighting the Seven Nightmares.

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Release date
Sep 23, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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