GamesIndian Bikes Driving 3D

Game overview

Drive famous bikes worldwide on challenging roads. Cellphone cheat codes for added gameplay.

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Prepare yourself to take on the thrilling adventure of riding renowned motorcycles from across the globe, where you must conquer the trials of challenging roads to prove yourself as an accomplished driver.

Additionally, this game offers a vast range of exciting cheat codes for your smartphone that you can utilize to turn the gameplay experience up a notch. You can earn the urge to dominate every situation by securing reliable tanks with the 4040 cheat code or choose to sit upon the infamous Dino by entering 5050. If you want a significant health boost during intense missions, hit in 9129 for Infinity Health. Navigate your way through harsh terrains on the sturdy Endeavour with 2020 code or embrace the challenge of night-driving with a 9-passenger vehicle with Night Mode. Engage in a classic firefighting experience with Fire Truck using 606 or activate the legendary power of the Legendar with 1001, giving you a competitive edge over your opponents. The cheat codes also include a plethora of car models like the Porsche (4000), Yamaha VMAX (999), Yamaha FZ10 (888), and Ducati Diavel (777) for a smooth ride. The more thrilling options include the monstrous Monster Truck (0), the luxurious Rolls Royce (2000), the sci-fi Tron Bike 6000), or even a Dog (600) to tag along. You can also utilize multiple cheat codes for stunt bikes such as Kawasaki Ninja H2r (3000) or Hayabusa (7000) and upgrade your vehicles to reach newer heights. Increase the traffic on your route with 54321 More Traffic Car or opt for more entertaining shortcuts with the Skyfall cheat code (1120). Additionally, you can always customize your avatar with optional perks like Tatto Skin (002), ultra-Super Jump (1216), or enable Moon Gravity (7112) to experience low-gravity stunts. Are you ready to take on this adrenaline-pumping motorbike game along with various cheat codes to become the ultimate champion of the road?
Release date
Dec 28, 2020
Single player