In The Dog House

In The Dog House

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Game overview

Guide your furry friend through puzzles in this charming game while collecting toys and unlocking new dogs.

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Do you ever ponder about the activities of your dog in your absence? Come on an adventure with your beloved furry friend through this delightful puzzle game filled with strategy.

● Rotate, Invert and Twist the entire house.
● Gain access to an array of your favourite canines! (Bulldog, Beagle, Boxer and many others!)
● An abundance of amusement in the form of new toys to accumulate for your pet to frolic with.
● Over 50 challenges to conquer
● Highlights a unique Nitrome dog guest appearance which can be unlocked!

Immerse yourself in the colourful and vibrant gameplay of this puzzle-solving game which is specifically designed to keep you hooked for hours on end! Explore the depths of your dog’s hidden world, as you switch and turn the screen to navigate your furry friend through their trials and tribulations. With numerous adorable pups to choose from, the game becomes a fun adventure as you collect toys and aids to assist in overcoming various brain teasers.

Prepare to put your mind to the test and challenge yourself by delving into the 50+ different puzzles that you can play on several different levels of difficulties. Enter an ever-changing world where each level is intelligently crafted to be more complex than the last, keeping your brain stimulated and engaged.

The game also includes a surprise cameo appearance of the Nitrome dog which can be unlocked, adding an exciting dimension of play to the entire experience. Bring in your furry friend by your side and explore the puzzles and challenges together. This game is the perfect choice for pet lovers looking to have a fun and engaging experience with their pets while keeping their intellect sharp!
Release date
Jun 10, 2018

Gameplay & Streams

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