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Game overview

Rise to power and establish your empire in an MMO strategy game. Build, ally and engage in epic PvP and PvE battles to secure domination.

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In Imperia Online - Medieval MMO Strategy, you have the opportunity to become a powerful emperor and expand your reign through building an army, developing your economy, and forming alliances with other players. Your strategic skills will be put to the test in PVP battles, alliances wars, and global events. Build a stronghold to fiercely protect your empire and establish an attack strategy to defeat your rivals.

The 10th anniversary edition has arrived with the highly anticipated Emperor Henry, who players can team up with to launch a massive military campaign against their enemies. Build a powerful empire by carefully managing economics and troops. Create a royal family with commanders and governors to manage your domain. You can choose to be a solo player or form alliances with others on the path to victory. Participate in competitive tournaments where you can show off your war strategy skills and conquer lands.

Imperia Online - Medieval MMO Strategy


Expand Your Empire

Start with a simple village and grow it into a mighty empire through building and upgrading various structures. Each building contributes to your military prowess and economic power. Discover new provinces and resources to boost your economy, all while fending off enemies trying to steal your stronghold.

Form or Join an Alliance

Join forces with other players to achieve total dominance in the game. Be part of powerful alliances or even larger federations to rule the realm. Invest in powerful alliance technologies or engage in alliance wars to come out on top.

Lead Your Royal Family

Select nobles and court members to govern your empire and lead your armies to victory. Choose from over 100 skills and talents for your royalties for support and loyalty.

Govern Your Domain

Gather resources and levy taxes on your population. Keep your people happy to avoid riots and maintain your empire's stability.

Master Medieval Battle Units

Spy on your enemies before battle and select the perfect combination of swordsmen, ranged units, and cavalry. Battle your enemies in the open field or assault their stronghold. Use strategy to predict the outcome of the battle before it starts.

Shape Your Playstyle

Choose your governing doctrine from Barbarism, Feudalism, Monarchy, Imperialism, or stay neutral. Your choice will impact your playstyle and reveal your strategic prowess.

Participate In PVP Battles

Compete against real players and prove your worthiness in extreme competition. Enroll in epic PVP tournaments and earn ranks and rewards. Master the sophisticated battle engine to become the fittest ruler in this medieval world.

Conquer PvE Events

Fight ancient and powerful enemies in daily World Boss battles. March with your army against global threats and earn rewards, artifacts, and loot. Use tactical skills to defeat your foes.
Imperia Online JSC
Release date
Feb 19, 2014
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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