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Lead your subjects to survive in the epic war on Vauprus. Explore the vast continent, expand your business, and siege cities with allies in Immortal King.

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Vauprus is a stunning continent that is full of prosperity and ambition. The four mortal species shared the world uneasily, each establishing their own kingdoms and territories. However, none were ever satisfied with what they had, and instead constantly fought with one another in their quest for power and glory. Some were openly ambitious, while others employed underhanded tactics to achieve their goals. The continent became a hotbed of war, strife, and deceit, with no corner of the land untouched.

As the new Lord of the Valley of Hope, you have a chance to make your mark in this convoluted world. You finally have a home to call your own, but you must also learn to navigate this complex place. In order to survive, you must lead your subjects and arm them against any dangers that might come your way. Otherwise, you will be consumed by the unrelenting chaos.

The year 2022 has brought with it a masterpiece that I am confident will ignite your passion and make you the next Immortal King. The game offers five factions and seven races, giving you the chance to create an epic war all your own. You will have the chance to fight alongside over 20 epic heroes from five factions, including violent dwarves, long-lived dragons, diligent and intelligent humans, elves who protect nature, brave orcs, and mysterious demons. These factions are intertwined by hatred, alliances, and partnerships, creating a brilliant and magical epic that you can enjoy!

The game offers a vast continent that contains deserts, oases, ice fields, mountains, and other terrains that are all free to explore. The map is composed of ultra-high-precision buildings and vegetation, and features real weather effects. You can explore the sandbox maps at will, and take advantage of the enlarged map to get a bird's-eye view of the entire continent and devise your war strategy. Make your moves vertically and horizontally while unlocking the fog, occupying the temple, collecting resources, and challenging elite monsters on the big map for resource rewards, rare hero fragments, and equipment!

You can expand your business and focus on attacking the army, going deep into the mainland to seize the city! Legion gameplay is mature and complete, and allows you to participate in battles with allies, gather legions to siege the city, and defend the city gates while sounding the horn of victory on a huge map. In addition to the classic SLG gameplay, Idle War also has arenas, trial towers, war chess, and magic dragons, all of which allow you to experience the joy of victory!

This is a strategy mobile game that everyone can easily enjoy. There are no complex gestures or strategies required. Just leave the fighting to your army of heroes as you accumulate wealth. You don't have to worry about boring accumulations, and can enjoy the thrill of battle and strategy! So join us in "Immortal King" today and become the next king!

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Release date
Aug 17, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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