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Illusion Tales

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Join the adventure in Illusion Tales, a free paradise world with diverse pets, weather-based fights, and customization options.

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Experience the adventure of finding your very own paradise in Illusion Tales, now open for grand exploration starting August 30th! Login and receive 10 summoning symbols and 1 mount for free. Follow the tale of an ancient civilization that harnesses the power of the four magical elements- Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind through their research of the holy stone tablet, a relic worshiped as a myth. The unique geographical features bring forth the birth of seven different prehistoric civilizations, each with their own distinct character traits, developing continuously through the harmony between their lifestyle and the dinosaurs. The curiosity to discover a new civilization ignites the wanderlust of adventurers to embark on a journey to a new continent where they can find their own paradise.

Explore the vast seven continents and make server transfers effortlessly in the free and open world of Illusion Tales. NPCs and character events change with the real-time weather and time system. Revel in the dream-like life in your own paradise with friends or lovers, all for free. Choose your pet companions wisely with the diverse combat styles and skills they offer in the pet growth system. Expect a change in battle patterns as pets evolve into more formidable creatures. They could also be quite adorable!

The charm of Illusion Tales continues with other engaging content such as combat in ever-changing weather conditions. Use the perfect elements combinations and switch jobs freely to claim your victory. Customize and possess your unique avatar through character customization or engage in dance battles. Take a break and heal from your travels by indulging in hot springs or fishing. Experience the enchanting paradise that is Illusion Tales! Remember, admission is free.

Connect with us and stay updated through our official channels: Cafe, Website, Kakao channel, Facebook page, and Customer service email. Our app requires certain access permissions, such as files saving for game execution purposes, and optional permissions such as microphone or camera access for chat recording or moment posting, respectively. You may deny these optional permissions without affecting your service experience. If you wish to revoke access permissions, refer to the instructions on our page for Android 6.0 or lower.
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