Game overview

Manage multiple bases, mine resources, research technologies, and create an army of robots to battle darkness and bring light to the world.

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In this game, you will be tasked to mine resources and ensure that multiple bases are managed and defended from attacks. On top of that, you will need to go on expeditions to battle enemies in auto-battles, research new technologies and create an army of golems to bring back the light.

Controlling a swarm of robots is made easy with simple interactions. Players can choose where to build and what resources the robots should gather, and then just sit back and watch them work. The robots will gather resources, build structures, load weapons, fight enemies, and respond to the world that surrounds them.

Prepare for incoming attacks from vicious enemies of darkness that will stop at nothing to destroy your base, steal your resources, and bring you down. Build turrets and arm them with ammunition to fend off these dangerous assaults.

Managing multiple bases will prove tricky, as you won't have a sandbox world to work with. Instead, you'll need to build several smaller bases with finite space, and be on the lookout as all of these bases function simultaneously and can be attacked by enemies.

Venture into dungeon-like expeditions to discover hidden treasures, fight battles in auto-mode, and earn rare resources that can help you out later in the game.

Researching new technologies is crucial to your success. There are five different regions in the game, each with new technologies and resources waiting to be discovered.

The game story revolves around the planet Illuminaria, which has been taken over by darkness. The primary goal is to clean and liberate the five regions by activating beacons and leading your army of golems into battle. Unravel the story behind what happened on the planet as you move towards victory.
Release date
Jun 26, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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