Ilbis: The Ocean of Death

Ilbis: The Ocean of Death

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Devil: The Ocean of Death" is a narrative RPG with multiple endings and player-controlled story direction, set in a world of monsters and souls.

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An imaginative and intriguing story unfolds in Devil: The Ocean of Death. The balance of hidden secrets has been disrupted, causing Earth and Heaven to become bitter enemies. Secrets must be revealed, and the resulting consequences cannot be delayed. The sun is extinguished, and the moon loses its light. The world is plunged into great destruction.

Alçin, a regular college student, is unexpectedly thrown into a world where fire and water clash, leading her to face extraordinary situations between life and death. Will she overcome these challenges and determine her ultimate fate? The choice ultimately lies with the player.

As the player takes control of the human character in a world of monsters and souls, various endings are possible, depending on the choices made. In this RPG game, the adventure is in your hands. Each choice made by the player can alter the entire storyline.

Devil: The Ocean of Death is a narrative game that focuses on the player's choices, immersing them in a rich world filled with history and side stories. The player has control over the narrative's direction, and the choices made shape the ultimate storyline.

Episodic adventures in this visual story game allow the player to create their stories. Each choices has its own impact on the character's life and the overall outcome. A mysterious world filled with secrets and surprises awaits players.

This text-based role-playing game features striking hand-painted visuals and offers players the opportunity to practice the decision-making process through interactive storytelling. Each episode is updated weekly and free to play.

The fantasy-based story integrates shamanism and mythology, centering on themes of good and evil, adventure, action, despair, redemption, fantasy, magic, and dark powers. Legends, swords, wolves, gemstones, and monsters all add to the excitement, creating an irresistible interactive experience.

This game is perfect for players who enjoy fantasy stories, manga, or who want to experience a new world of interactive storytelling. Follow Puura Games on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated with weekly releases. The writer, Sevda Yiğit, software developer Gülsüm Yiğit, and graphics designer Gülcan Yiğit worked together to create this captivating game. Special thanks to Tuğçe İlmez for translating this game into English.
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