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Ikemen Revolution: Love & Magic in Wonderland

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In Ikémen Revolution, chase the White Rabbit to Wonderland where 14 Ikémen threaten to keep you from returning home - love. Collect exclusive cards, dress up your avatar and shape your story.

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In Ikémen Revolution: Love & Magic in Wonderland, you will find yourself in 19th century London chasing a gentleman who looks suspiciously like a white rabbit. The chase leads you to a land where magic prevails over reason. Here, you will be caught in the midst of a battle between the Red and Black armies. Your fate is in the hands of 14 Wonderland Ikémen who will do anything to cast a love spell on you, making it impossible for you to leave that world and go back home.

This otome game, one of CYBIRD's most popular games in Japan, has been made available in English. The story takes you on an enthralling journey featuring vibrant music, stunning illustrations, and character voices. The game gives you five free Chapter Tickets every day to help you progress through the story and find your one true soul mate.

The game boasts characters that are voiced by some of Japan's most popular voice actors such as Nobuhiko Okamoto, Natsuki Hanae, and Hiro Shimono. The characters in the game have different levels of rarity, and the four and five-star cards included voiced lines so that you could hear their enchanting voices.

With Ikémen Revolution, you get to enjoy interactive otome gameplay through the in-game avatars. The game lets you dress up your avatar and his love interest with gorgeous dresses, beautiful backgrounds for your room and garden, and cute accessories, which add to the whimsical wonderland experience. There are also characters from the story available as avatars, making it even more immersive.

The game allows you to shape your story by making choices that determine whether your relationship will have a romantic or dramatic ending. If you get enough points, you may receive intimate letters from the love of your life. As you progress through the story, you will unlock special His Side Stories that will give you insight into your chosen character's feelings.

There are many free Story Events in the game, which require no Chapter Tickets to continue reading. Players get to enjoy mini-stories outside the main story and embark on new adventures with their favorite characters, earning bonus items and exclusive attire pieces in the process. With Ikémen Revolution, you not only play the game but also collect stunning illustrations throughout the different character routes.

In conclusion, Ikémen Revolution: Love & Magic in Wonderland is a game that offers you an immersive experience filled with magic, love, and adventure. Play to find out which ending awaits you and become enchanted by the game's characters' voices, gorgeous illustrations, and whimsical world.
Release date
May 28, 2018
Single player

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