Idoly Pride

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Experience thrilling 3D live concerts and deepen your bonds with idols through talk sessions and management of their non-live work. Recommended for rhythm game and idol game fans.

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Step into a new world of music games with IDOLY PRIDE, a game that even rhythm game enthusiasts will love. Experience a different kind of excitement compared to rhythm games with the 3D live performance that gets more luxurious as your idols grow. The audience and venue increases as your idols grow, giving you a sense of reality not found in other games. You'll definitely want to see the 3D live performances that aspire to express the idol's sweat and incorporate the creative use of camera work. Grow your fandom and aim to play for a packed venue!

Deepen your connection with your idols through messages, phone calls and talks. Even when you're not playing, receive messages from idols who want to consult with you about their worries or inform you about work updates. Sometimes they even call you when they need advice! Be a supportive presence and strengthen your bond!

Increase your fandom by helping your idols participate in events other than live performances, such as handshake sessions, autograph sessions, Cheki (a photo with idols) sessions, and leaflet distribution. The game's automatic progression helps you support your idols' work schedule. With your contribution, aim for a successful live performance!

Capture a unique photo, of a moment when idols are working hard - whether in rehearsals, performances or other work – and immortalise it for yourself in your chosen setting and outfit. Use your favorite idol's "photo" to create a unit and aim for the best live performance!

IDOLY PRIDE is a must-play game for those who love rhythm games, idol and beautiful-girl development games. Not only that, it caters to those who yearn to train their hardworking idol into the top idol. Gain a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes stories and be the closest being of support for an idol. If you are looking for a cute girl game that you can play on your own free time, IDOLY PRIDE is recommended. It offers simple controls that allow you to play a little every day and feel a sense of accomplishment as you experience your idol growing with you. Fans of live idol performances and those interested in the TV anime 'IDOLY PRIDE' will not want to miss it!

IDOLY PRIDE is supported by Android 7.0 devices with a minimum of 2GB of memory (RAM). Note that updates to the app may affect its performance. It is highly recommended to play the game on Android 9.0 devices with the latest updates.

Visit the official website and Twitter account, @idolypride, for more information. For the privacy policy, please refer to © Project IDOLY PRIDE
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