Idlemon Tales

Idlemon Tales

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Join Idlemon Tales and become a powerful trainer in this childhood animation-inspired game. Battle, evolve and create your own lineup with special fighting effects and strategy.

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Discover the captivating world of idlemons, where your quest to become a skilled trainer is full of challenges. Take a trip down memory lane and delve into the universe of idlemons, which was beloved by generations.

The game features a compelling battle evolution system, where you can take risks by defeating powerful adversaries to earn various materials. Keep an eye out for super idlemons along the way, as collecting and leveling them up is key to unlocking the full fun of being a trainer.

Create your own unique lineup of idlemons to prepare for the battles ahead. The special fighting effects during battles make for a thrilling experience. By bravely charging toward the eight gyms, you'll be able to trigger attribute status effects that can increase damage. Become a strategic mastermind and use an effective attribute lineup to knock your opponents down.

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