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Idle Vampire: Twilight School

Game overview

Manage your Twilight School of Vampires to earn wealth, transform students, battle hunters and werewolves, and decorate your academy in this unique simulator game.

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Take control of the night with Twilight School! This captivating game gives you the opportunity to transform regular people into powerful vampires. Manage your vampire school to cultivate talented students and make a fortune. Your earnings can be used to expand your establishment, allowing you to establish schools on different continents.

As the headmaster, you have the ability to create new courses, run a bar to enhance your students' social lives, and defend against hunters, werewolves, and the Holy Light. You can even help your students reach new heights and become stronger. Explore all the exciting adventures that await you in this game.

As your campus expands, you'll add new classrooms, teach a variety of subjects, and register more students. The best part is that your school will continue to generate revenue even when you're not playing, allowing you to earn money offline.

Idle Vampire sets itself apart from other games by combining simulators, puzzles, and hospitality elements. The different gameplay experiences unlock diverse ways to manage your school. The game's portrait mode enables you to play anywhere at any time.

- Transform Ordinary Individuals into Powerful Vampires
- Twilight School Offers Normal People a Chance to Become the Strongest Vampire 🩸
- Easy and Lucrative
- Owning Gold and Cash is Simple as Long as Your School is Open, Even in Your Absence… Becoming a Tycoon is not Far-Fetched.
- Multiple Ways to Play
- Every School has Unique Money-making Opportunities. You Can Choose to Profit from Bars, Shops, or Other Means…
- Freedom to Decorate
- Classroom Ornamentations, Dormitory Beds, Room Plants...Choose the Most Suitable Décor for Your School!
- Diverse Courses
- Mind Reading🔮, Backtracking🎨, Backwing🦇...There's Always a Class Your Students Will Enjoy.
- Stylish Teachers
- Amelia, the Attractive Teacher; Kalisle, the Classy Teacher; Luiz, the Wise Teacher...Pick the Right One for Your Vampires.
- Never Stop Advancing
- Junior, Senior, Principal Vampire, Every Levelling Up Makes Your School Stronger.

If your interests lie with wolves or fantasy stories, get started on your school right away to make use of the idle income and renovate classrooms. This casual game is waiting for you to become a champion of Vampire glory! 🦇

Dear Lord/Lady, please be aware that the current game version has no data-storage feature. If you uninstall the game, all your game progress will be lost. Exercise caution when making decisions. We're currently working on account-related features. Thank you for your support.
Release date
Aug 07, 2023
Single player

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