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Idle Robot Universe - Tycoon

Game overview

Merge Robots 2: Idle Tycoon - buy and upgrade robots, explore planets, and collect them all to become the richest in the galaxy!

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Enter the challenging world of high-tech robot tycoon industry and compete against millions of contenders from all over the world in Merge Robots 2: Idle Tycoon – the ultimate merge and idle game!

With its intuitive gameplay, it is incredibly EASY to play, and you'll be able to accumulate a fortune in no time. You'll undoubtedly be drawn in by the game's stupendous graphics, designed with great care to provide the most immersive idle and merge tycoon gameplay.

Acquire your own robots and upgrade them to strengthen your output and amass more wealth. You can become the wealthiest individual in the universe by playing this captivating idle tycoon game. Get ready for a journey of unearthing a plethora of planets and setting up new factories. Each planet is unique and unlocks distinctive powers, making the game even more exciting.

You'll come across fantastic game features that can enhance or modify your gameplay, including collecting every robot and discovering its unique characteristics. You can also take advantage of your tablet's optimized version, allowing you to play offline.

If you want to be the richest manager, then buy more robots from the store, collect them all, and see how your wealth multiplies. Each robot has a unique transformation ability, such as transforming into a motorcycle, a plane, a spaceship, or even a tank.

Besides purchasing robots, you can also upgrade your empire to earn more gold and earn gems, which can double your income when you’re away. Additionally, you can make the most of the daily quests to boost your income, along with completing achievements for every single merge you carry out.

Become the ultimate merge robot tycoon empire by collecting all the robots, exploring various exceptional planets, and making smart merges and acquisitions with your earned gold. You can enjoy the perks of merge gameplay mechanics and unique powers to become even more potent.

Merge Robots 2: Idle Tycoon combines the best of both Idle and Tycoon games to present you with an immersive and unique gaming experience. Don’t miss the chance to build an idle game tycoon empire with your robots and become a legend in the world of merge tycoon games. Download now and let's get started right away! Don’t forget to give us your feedback by sending an email to
Playshore SL
Release date
May 09, 2022
Single player