Idle Police Tycoon

Idle Police Tycoon

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Game overview

Take control of police precincts and manage resources to combat crime with strategic decision making in Idle Police Tycoon.

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Are you ready to take the reins of a police station and become the ultimate police tycoon? Assume control of multiple police precincts and use your acumen to amass a fortune while safeguarding your district. Begin as a fledgling police department and toil hard to enhance your reputation. Refine each aspect of your facilities and transform your tiny office into a lauded police station. Fulfill the requirements of your headquarters and devise a prudent strategy to expand your enterprise while ensuring safety for the populace. Invest wisely, upgrade your buildings and vehicles, create new areas, provide the most advanced equipment to your team, expand your office to streamline paperwork, recruit the most efficacious police officers and learn cutting-edge crime-solving techniques. Make decisions judicially and keep your finances in check. Combat crime with diverse approaches and craft distinct investigation plans to crack cases. Apprehend notorious criminals and detain them. Optimize your resources to reap rewards. Prudently channel your funds and keep your accountancy balanced to furnish your police station and staff with the necessary equipment. Keep an eye on power outages, provide the latest technology to your agents and armoured vehicles to special units. Every detail counts towards leveling up and a suboptimal strategy could lead to bankruptcy. Manage your team scrupulously and hire workers in harmony with your workflow and growth strategy. All members contribute crucially to your business, necessitating astute management to guarantee your police station's profitability. Unlock legendary police officers and vanquish crime in your district. Fulfill missions and invest your idle money to fulfill community security levels. Foster social security and attain profitability simultaneously. Augment your reputation thanks to your business proficiency and receive offers to helm bigger police stations. Idle Police Tycoon - Cops Game, a casual, easy-to-play game, replete with strategic decision-making to build a profitable police team. Enhance your empire by starting small and progressing steadily, reaping visible progress throughout your premises. Ascend to being the best police manager in the world by transforming your diminutive business into the city's premier police department.
Release date
Sep 17, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

Idle Police Tycoon! MAX LEVEL Police, Weapon EVOLUTION!PikaGuy
Idle Police Tycoon! MAX LEVEL - HIRE Evolution!AndroKine Gaming
Idle Police Tycoon - 1 - "It's Just a Game"GameHopping
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