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Idle Pizza Empire

Game overview

Build a pizza empire and become a tycoon in this idle clicker game. Automate your restaurant, hire managers, and make millions.

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If you are a true admirer of pizza, this game will let you become a prosperous restaurant owner, create your own pizza-making empire, and make a lot of money. This idle tycoon simulator game offers you the opportunity to grow and expand your millionaire pizza shop. By hiring managers to automate your workflow, you can produce more pizzas than ever, making you rich in no time! Are you ready to unlock your inner idle hero and embark on an epic adventure to become an idle pizza tycoon?

If you like games that allow you to earn money while simulating a specific job, then the Idle Pizza Tycoon game would be perfect for you. It's a simulation that not only teaches you pizza-making management but also how to become a rich millionaire.

Idle Pizza Tycoon Simulator offers a unique gameplay perspective where players can easily increase their income by automating their pizzeria. By leveling up, players receive an addictive tycoon simulation game that provides them with various challenges to overcome. Earn more idle cash income, even when away from the game, and hire managers to handle the entire work process while you are offline.

As you continue to earn more money and pizzas, you can upgrade your restaurant, add new toppings to your pizzas, and become the wealthiest factory manager tycoon in this idle pizza simulator. With this game, you can get your hands on a truly addictive experience, which is no longer about endless clicking, but rather strategic decision-making. Idle Pizza Tycoon Simulator is the perfect game for the true pizza lovers out there!
Xifer Games
Release date
Feb 01, 2023

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