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Build a magic school in the enchanted forest, train students to become Dragon Knights, and manage resources and tasks to expand your territory in this idle magic game.

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Indulge yourself in the fantasy of creating a magical school, where your imagination can run wild and come to life! This enchanting idle magic game allows you to build and expand your very own magical institution within the enigmatic and mystical magic forest. With upgrades to magic courses, unlocking school scenes, enrolling students, and helping them graduate as Dragon Knights, there’s no end to the fun in this game.

The game boasts an easy-to-play concept, where wise allocation of money on different growth strategies such as muggle training, dormitory management, and attracting elite wizards can bring fame to the magic school. There are various tasks to deal with, and completion of tasks earns you glory to expand your territories. For instance, there is the Water Country, which is surrounded by turbulent rivers and ensures students are not distracted by the outside world. You can also upgrade magic trees to secure fruits that will boost the wizard's star grade. Furthermore, muggles need to be converted into wizards by the converting machines before their magical classes can begin. To enhance your revenue and market, it's crucial to hire new staff in the shops which will bring more customers, gain more coins, and boost business operations.

The game is also designed to run offline, so even if you're not logged in, your school will continue to function and generate revenue, enabling you to build the world's greatest magic school. The game's graphics are top-notch, using spectacular animations and 3D designs to simulate real magical environments and scenes. The game presents frequent simulation business challenges, making each level challenging and giving you a sense of accomplishment.

With multiple disciplines, professors, magic tools, and growth strategies to choose from, this game offers a unique gaming experience tailored to your preferences. As you explore your magic school, you'll encounter great rewards and achievements that make the journey even more enjoyable. Brace yourself for a magical adventure and train some of the greatest wizards in history through the Magic School!
Release date
Mar 03, 2021
Single player

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