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Idle Magic Clicker

Idle Magic Clicker

Fair Idle Games by René Müller

Game overview

Idle Magic Clicker: a fair-play incremental game with a magic fantasy flair. Upgrade spells, explore spheres, and earn pure power offline. No paywalls or ads.

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Enter the world of Idle Magic Clicker, an idle game that is perfect for anyone who loves incremental and idle games and wants to be the most potent sorcerer ever. The game revolves around the currency of pure power, which you can use to upgrade spells, unlock new potent spheres, and create power stones.

At its core, the game is built on principles of fairness and equitable play. This means that there are no in-app purchases, paywalls, or locked content. The game is devoid of forced advertisements, which means that you'll never encounter a popup ad. Moreover, the banners are discrete enough not to disturb gameplay, and exist only to offer clearly identifiable and optional rewarded ads. The game is playable offline, which adds to its convenience.

Idle Magic Clicker has a magical fantasy setting, complete with four immersive pieces of background music that will transport you to another realm. The game also offers dozens of spells to learn and upgrade, alongside the ability to permanently advance items. You can search and discover new, mightier spheres and teleport them to your hideout. As you progress, you can use the Prestige function to become the most powerful wizard of all. Additionally, you can earn power, which you can consider as cash in other clicker games, even when you're offline.

When you feel that the gameplay is progressing slowly, you can use Focus (Prestige) to regain momentum. If you prefer an active playstyle, then focus first on spells and items that increase the overcharge multiplier. If your preferences lean towards passive gameplay, summoning creatures and supporting them are the way to go. Finally, sometimes, tapping at a moderate pace can be more useful than furiously hammering on the screen.

Idle Magic Clicker is an amazing incremental game of upgrades and prestige, and the perfect game for idle game aficionados. You can actively increase your power by casting magic bolts or summoning creatures to cast spells for you, while you watch your power rise to incredible levels. Play today, and become the most powerful wizard in the world!
Fair Idle Games by René Müller
Release date
May 24, 2019

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