Idle Kingdom Defense

Idle Kingdom Defense

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Game overview

Command large battles with tower defense and combat simulation in a medieval world, protect your kingdom and conquer continents offline.

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Step into the medieval era and lead epic battles to defend your kingdom from an army of monsters in this unique castle defense RPG. With a blend of tower defense and large-scale combat simulation, you will feel the power as you vanquish your foes in a mysterious and stunning medieval world.

Recruit support heroes to fight alongside you in battle. Their diverse abilities range from dealing heavy damage to a wide range of enemies, to summoning an army of magic soldiers to do their bidding. There are also heroes who provide beneficial effects to other heroes, which is useful when facing a tough adversary.

Command warrior heroes to face monsters head-on and stop them from advancing towards your castle. These heroes are skilled in the art of crowd control and can incapacitate foes with powerful attacks. They are your sword and shield!

Grow and train your Archer Corps, a powerful unit that rains arrows onto your enemies. They too are skilled in crowd control and can incapacitate your foes for easier defeats.

Rack up offline rewards by turning off the game and multi-battle rewards for watching automatic battles. Use those rewards to earn Archer and hero equipment to help you through battles. Become a formidable fighter by farming for items that will propel you to victory!

Take control of multiple continents in Conquest Wars. Pass through various terrains like the pastures, glaciers, and rocky landscapes of different continents. Acquiring land is paramount to your kingdom's survival!

This engaging game can be played offline, without a data connection. You can immerse yourself in the gameplay anytime, anywhere. To learn more about our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, visit our website. Get ready to defend your kingdom with all your power!
Release date
Oct 13, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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