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Game overview

Train your heroes while away and lead them through battlegrounds, dungeons, arenas, and guild wars to conquer the floating continent.

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Join the ranks of millions of players across the globe and embark on a thrilling adventure from the Sara Forest to the High Heaven, taking charge of your unbeatable team of courageous heroes as they face the dark forces of evil within ancient ruins!


★IDLE Mechanism★
Employ an automated system to keep your heroes training even when you're away. As you return to the game, you will witness their enhanced strength, improved abilities, and unflagging readiness to battle their enemies. Build a formidable squad without engaging in tedious grinding!

★Evolving Strategies★
With over 400 heroes categorized into different factions, each with its unique set of skills, you must develop your summoning ability to create and train strong heroes. You can choose to convert them into Spirit material to EVOLVE, so they can unleash their maximum potential. Forge magical gears to equip your warriors, and lead them to victory!

★PLENTY of Content★
With countless battlegrounds, dungeons, heroic missions, mysterious towers, arena, and guild, you'll have plenty to explore and savor!

★GUILD Wars★
Join forces with other players worldwide and fight together to gain control of the floating continent. Join multiplayer guild boss-battles and become the leader of your guild!

★Worldwide Arena★
Take part in the ARENA by unleashing your most robust heroes into the battlegrounds. Watch them battle other online players in a multiplayer competition for GLORY! Ascend the ranking system to claim the most fantastic rewards!

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Release date
Jun 22, 2016




4f145d46s24f145d46s2from Skich app

Играть крута но когда уже очень здорво прокачался немнога скучна

 from Skich app

Another generic game. It's more made for p2p persons. Not f2p friendly and it's kinda boring.

New FreshNew Freshfrom Skich app

Не плохая игра прокачка каждого героя долгая а так все норм

 from Skich app

Норм но только.... донатик

 from Skich app

Sucks but if your interested to the "IH777" THING you need to reach 3-10 first.also false advertising about the drop rate

IceyIceyfrom Skich app

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