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Idle Army Base

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Game overview

Manage your army base like a tycoon and conquer the world. Automate troops, hire managers, and upgrade zones to become a millionaire or billionaire.

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Are you ready to become a general and lead your army to victory in this base management tycoon game? With an enjoyable ride that doesn't require constant tapping or clicking, you simply have to invest and train your troops to secure wins!

Don’t let your army base go idle! Utilize the profits of cash and gold to invest and upgrade your troops while unlocking new zones to expand your empire in this idle game. Be a ruthless tycoon capitalist and conquer countries to reap large profits and cash that you can earn.

Automate your troops to increase your profits while investing in your troops to maximize income in this idle game. What are you waiting for? Don’t delay your earnings!

Even when you're offline, continue to earn idle cash and make profits in this idle game like a true tycoon. To keep your troops motivated and working, recruit army managers for your idle army base in this game.

Enjoy an adventurous game without needing to tap or click your way to success in this enjoyable game. Become a millionaire or a billionaire by growing your army empire just like a true tycoon millionaire.

Unlock more zones, gain profits, and upgrade your army base with more troops to command and conquer the world like a real tycoon!

In this simulated game, develop the right idle tycoon game strategy to earn cash, profit, and prestige. Expand your idle army base both online and offline as you strive to become an idle army tycoon, millionaire, or even a billionaire by striking gold!

By investing in your army base to earn more cash, gold, and profits, this game is not just about clicking or tapping but rather about thinking like a true tycoon.

Build your idle millionaire empire by investing in the right zones and idle troops, so you can earn profit and maximize your workflow in this idle game manager. Gain cash resources, gold, and revenue in this army tycoon simulation game that requires your strategic skills for victory.

This isn't just any traditional game like a supermarket, mine, police station, TV station, or rollercoaster. In an idle army base, as a manager, your goal is to become rich like a capitalist millionaire tycoon. This game is packed with wealth, cash, and gold!

No internet connection is required to play this idle tycoon empire game. Simply automate your idle troops by investing in managers to earn profits like a true tycoon.

Invest in rich-money opportunities to boost your economy, take home huge bundles of cash, and become a rich millionaire tycoon.

Send your idle troops to war to earn big cash and gold without any clash. This is no ordinary idle game but rather a game packed with adventure and excitement.

Unlock new zones in this game that include the exercise yard where no idle time is allowed, urban warfare, jungle warfare, and arctic warfare where you need a capitalist chopper, heavy machine gun, heavy artillery, chemical warfare with masks, tanks, desert warfare, naval warfare, explosive training without getting jailed, paratrooping into the target zone, and obstacle course in this army base tycoon simulator game.

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Release date
Jan 17, 2020
Single player


Anzufrom Skich app
I really liked the concept and visual also the graphics of the game, its just the ad is too many to the point where its too boring to play anymore....
wackless R
wackless Rfrom Skich app
It is a very cool game...

Gameplay & Streams

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