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Identity Forwarded

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Explore the open world, balance your karma, and become god in Identity Forwarded: an action RPG where each life brings new skills and a new form.

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Identity Forwarded is an exciting action-packed RPG game, set in a vast open world filled with endless possibilities and opportunities. In this game, players can explore the world at their own pace, indulge in wheel theft, weapon use, and all sorts of mischief. If your character meets an unfortunate fate and dies, you will be reincarnated as someone or something else, with the next reincarnation chosen based on your past actions, interests, and karma from your previous life.

Sending your identity forward to your next reincarnation is an exciting feature that enables your new character to inherit skills and abilities from previous lives. Depending on your past deeds, you could be reincarnated as a loser or a lowly animal, reflecting your bad karma. The ultimate goal of the game is to reach the highest reincarnation level, becoming a god and accessing the GOD Mode. This grants the player special abilities and permits them to wreak havoc in the quirky low poly city.

This RPG game boasts many features, including reincarnation as a human or an animal when dying, ability to interact with nearby creatures, cars and smart objects. Karma management is also a significant part of the game. It balances the good and bad deeds you perform, influencing how the AI behavior towards you. The reincarnation process is determined by the player's past actions, karma, and interests, while the character's skills come from their former selves.

As you navigate around the vast open world, there are different environments to discover, including cities, deserts, mountains, military bases, and islands. Players can engage in different activities such as stealing cars, using weapons like guns, bats, pans, or pipes, and even munching on varying food items. The game's unique challenges include different jobs and missions, and players can switch jobs based on their abilities. There are also special missions called dreams that give extraordinary and random powers.

This game is highly optimized to provide a smooth experience on low-end devices and consumes less power than other games. Identity Forwarded is the perfect mix of philosophy, Quantum physics, spirituality, and utility management. It is a profound game that pushes the boundaries of open-world games such as PUBG and GTA Vice City. Identity Forwarded game creators, Pixrift Games, have poured their hearts into its development and are proud to share it with you.

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