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Icy Village: Tycoon Survival

Game overview

Lead and build the first village on earth in Icy Village: Tycoon Survival and guide it through challenges while managing resources and community.

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Enter a fascinating city-building experience during the ice age with Icy Village: Tycoon Survival. Take on the responsibility of constructing the first village on Earth, while facing the tremendous challenge of collecting resources and creating a society. As the overseer, your guidance will steer this budding village through difficult obstacles, ensuring it not only survives but thrives in the midst of the brutal cold.

In Icy Village: Tycoon Survival, you act as the pulse of the community by managing resources, survivors, and village life. This is a momentous test that requires clever navigation through inclement circumstances while uncovering exciting finds scattered in the wilderness. Group your workers, assign them roles, and overcome daunting challenges to guarantee your village prospers in this frozen world. Your main objective is to achieve the right balance between surviving, manufacturing goods, and maintaining your people's happiness.

Features of Icy Village: Tycoon Survival include:

Survival Simulation: Your village's resilience rests on the strength of its residents. These survivors are integral to the functionality of your village. Task them with collecting resources, attending to daily necessities, and completing story quests to unlock progress and rewards.

Management System: Provide mechanisms for people to automatically work, eat, or sleep in accordance with various time periods. Gain knowledge on how to distribute workers, manage basic needs, and regulate production rate to enhance your village's performance.

Town Expansion: Help your survivors expand and discover new sections of the village. As word spreads about your village, new people will desire to join, resulting in further growth.

Recruit Heroes: Establish a team of skilled heroes, who serve as the champions of your village and assist in battles, limited-time events, and ensuring survival under any condition.

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Release date
Sep 01, 2023
Single player

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