GamesI.B.: The Future, Destined by Unsociable Me

I.B.: The Future, Destined by Unsociable Me

Game overview

Play an AI-supported Visual Novel on your smartphone. Genius hacker Kazuto and company develop a communication AI, leading to unexpected results.

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Introducing a brand new Visual Novel from the makers of "Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors"! Prepare for an unprecedented experience unlike any other you've had. The complete version is absolutely free, and the chat-style app interface makes reading easy and smooth. Join us in exploring an uncharted future that a silent high school student will discover.

This particular Visual Novel was tailor-made for smartphone enthusiasts - it's simple, interactive, and designed to capture your imagination. Having over 500,000 downloads from previous series, this completely unique visual novel is finally available! The complete game is free, and it's a smooth and comfortable read. And, you can complete the game in just one to two hours.

What sets this Visual Novel apart is that it's designed particularly for smartphone users. Consequently, the design is specialized, making reading comfortable, easy, and immersive. It's an experience like no other! Auto-save features ensure that you can continue right where you left off.

The story follows a gifted hacker named Kazuto Sorai, who, after an unfortunate event, creates an AI communication device and participates in an App Development Contest. The app, unsurprisingly, catches the attention of the contest host company, and they send a representative to meet with Kazuto sorai.

This youth SF story is built in visual novel game style. The story follows the adventures of the introverted protagonist and a slightly awkward lady in various incidents. It's laughable and tearful and provides an answer to explore the mystery of "PEACE." This intriguing story is one you can't afford to miss!

The game introduces several characters including Kazuto Sorai, Rin Kikuchi, and I.B. Kazuto Sorai, is an 11th-grade student who, after a traumatic event, has become withdrawn. His plan is to win the App Development Contest. Rin Kikuchi, a member of the recruitment committee, contributes to the story's development by adding self-assertiveness and rarely listens to other people's opinions. I.B., an AI Kazuto created, is smart, charming, and a little bizarre.

If you love Visual Novels that inspire emotion, then this game is a must-play. It's a multiple-choice interactive story game, and every choice you make affects the game's ending. And the complete game version is available at zero cost! It's a smooth read without the bother of excessive ads.

Lastly, the game is an excellent option for those who adore chat novels, interactive story games, or interactive stories people can participate in. This game's creators have spent a lot of time and effort making it an enjoyable game to kill time in. The game is available on Android 5.1/6.0 users and the details are shared in the description.

Don't miss out on the unexpected future, take control of your destiny, and find the conclusion with the enthralling Visual Novel, available now.
Release date
Dec 21, 2018
Single player

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