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Hyper Rift: Wake up with no memory in a spaceship, solve puzzles, meet strangers, and uncover a sci-fi mystery. Choose wisely, multiple endings, and hidden references.

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In Hyper Rift, you come to consciousness in a medical bay of a spaceship with no recollection of your identity or how you arrived. However, you soon realize that you are not alone as other strangers with hazy memories cross your path. But can you trust them? As the story progresses, you uncover a science fiction mystery that features real science, imaginative scenarios, and decisions that determine your fate.

This visual gamebook adventure includes multiple endings, hidden references to science fiction classics, situational and number puzzles, and characters that may assist you or deceive you in crucial moments. With a map that details the game world and enriching sound effects, the novel gamebook format immerses players in the game, with Intel x86 mobile devices optimized for top-tier performance.

The game's intellectual challenges and unexpected storytelling twists have been praised by critics. Players have to make choices that ultimately determine the game's outcome, such as whether to rescue or kill characters or fix or sabotage certain scenarios. Based on your choices, the game can unfold in fourteen different ways.

Hyper Rift appears to be a game that appeals to sci-fi enthusiasts who revel in challenging games with dense puzzle solvers and unpredictable narratives. Pocketmeta noted that it is a must-have for sci-fi gamebook fans, as the game's hard science-based puzzle challenges are generous in twists and turns. Meanwhile, 365playpal commends the cerebral, immersive, and retro futuristic graphics that make it a heady game of imaginative experimentation and discovery.

Overall, Hyper Rift offers an adventure fraught with uncertainties where trust is never guaranteed, and the right choice might not always be the correct one.
CKS Studio
Release date
Jan 16, 2015
Single player

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