Hyper One: Space R.E.M.

Hyper One: Space R.E.M.

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Game overview

Hyper One is a survival concept game involving hyperjump and hyperspace, where the last living galactic race gather, evade, escape, and survive across the universe.

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Embark on a thrilling adventure through the stars with Hyper One, a gripping survival game set in the aftermath of a catastrophic event that has left star systems throughout the universe in shambles. In this breathtaking intergalactic odyssey, players must navigate their way through treacherous asteroid fields and hyperspace jumps to evade danger and gather vital resources needed for survival.

As the last remaining members of their galactic race, players must use advanced light year technology capable of mining and maneuvering through debris fields with ease. With the help of the intuitive SPACE R.E.M (Space Remnant Evasive Maneuvering) technology, players can employ tilt controls and a futuristic heads-up display to realistically pilot their spaceship.

Traveling from one dying planet to the next, Hyper One presents a unique gameplay experience that challenges players to orbit around the remnants left behind by planets destroyed by dark matter forces. Players must scour the remains for crucial resources before it's too late and make a hasty escape before looming destruction claims their ship.

Hyper One offers a truly never-ending journey through procedurally generated star systems, ensuring that every playthrough is distinct and endlessly engaging. Moreover, the game is integrated with Google Play, so players can challenge friends and family on a survival journey across the interstellar void. With 1000 XP points up for grabs, Hyper One is a must-play for fans of sci-fi and survival games alike.

Join the race for survival in Hyper One - the ultimate test of skill and nerve in a universe of chaos!
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Release date
Mar 19, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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