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Live as a hyena in the savanna! Build a clan, hunt for food, level up, and survive against predators in this realistic simulator game.

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Embark on a thrilling adventure and take on the role of a fierce Hyena as you explore the vast African savanna inhabited by different wild creatures, some posing a threat while others serve as food. Get your copy of the Hyena Simulator now at a discounted price!

Experience an incredibly realistic simulation of life in the wild. Your survival crucially depends on your ability to maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy in the harsh reality of the grassy plains.

Engage in epic battles with other animals, using the most powerful bite known in the animal kingdom. Leap through the air, pounce on your enemy, and deal the finishing blow with your sharp teeth.

Lead a pack of hyenas and dominate other clans by expanding your own. Recruit new members and play as any member to create a powerful family of predators. You can also breed your own pups to grow into cunning hunters.

Increase your hyena's strength by leveling it up through gameplay. Take on dangerous enemies, scavenge carcasses, and complete missions to gain experience and boost your hyenas' health and attack damage, ultimately growing your pack size.

Complete missions and achievements, including the latest mission types: “Mark your Territory” and “Scavenger." With a level cap that goes up to 200, it’s just what you need to increase your skills.

Enjoy dynamic weather and day/night cycles with incredible graphics, adding to the game's realism. The game's stunning High Definition graphics, which are customizable on any device, transport you to the African continent.

Increase the excitement by adding optional blood effects that simulate realistic combat scenes.

Explore a massive environment that is over three times the size of previous simulators, filled with over 25 unique species of African animals. Use the new touch-based controls and first-person camera mode to maneuver your way through the world from the hyena's perspective.

Refer to your survival guide for insights into local wildlife, a world map, pack summary, achievement progress, and much more!

Download the Hyena Simulator today and immerse yourself in the ferocious world of one of the deadliest predators on earth - the hyena! And if you loved living as a hyena, check out our other animal simulators like the Stray Dog Simulator, Snow Leopard Simulator, and the Snake Simulator for an even wider range of adventures.

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Release date
May 01, 2015

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