Hyde and Seek

Hyde and Seek

MazM (Story Games, Adventure)
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Game overview

London's Flaming Fist board game features thrilling dice rolls, fistfights, and card battles as Kate uncovers a horrific secret in 19th century London.

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Welcome to the world of adventure with Kate, also known as the "Flaming Fist of London". In this captivating board game fueled by dice rolls and combats, you are invited to join Kate's journey and play your way through the game's various challenges.

Set in 19th century London, "Kate" finds herself amidst a dire situation where she is accused of a crime she didn't commit. She must disguise herself as a man to flee from the wrath of the gangs and uncover the dark secrets which lie ahead. The fate of Kate and her beloved Dr. Jekyll rests in your hands, with the final outcome being decided by the decisions you make.

The game unfolds on a game board, with players taking turns to guide Kate on her journey to reach her destination within a specific time limit. Players move Kate using the card deck they hold, while also interacting with other characters in the game. Interactions with these characters assist the player in making sound decisions and claim bonuses that can make your gameplay more rewarding. Beware, powerful enemies may cross your path!

In this game of "Hyde and Seek," players can indulge in thrilling card battles using flasks, punches, and kicks to overpower their opponents, collecting and merging cards along the way. Defeating enemies results in better rewards, and the more enemies defeated, the bigger the payout.

Experience the game's exciting story-based gameplay revolving around Kate's experimentation, Dr. Jekyll, and the ruthless gangs. Join Kate's quest to unravel the unspeakable secrets of 19th century London and see the results of the experiment for yourself!
MazM (Story Games, Adventure)
Release date
Mar 02, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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Spiele niemals HIDE N' SEEK um 3 Uhr Nachts im IKEA 😨😱Bastian
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